Cheap Versus Chic

Posted on: March 6, 2011

This post is gonna discuss about designer shoes which is usually expensive versus it imitation which is cheaper than the original one . Enjoy !


Nicholas Kirkwood-esque shoes at Aldo

Every high street shoe chain seems to be having a go at ‘doing’ Nicholas Kirkwood at the moment , and who can blame them ? His iconic styles are red hot right now and well out of the price range of the average shoe addict .

Aldo’s strappy black and electric blue platform sandal (pictured left , if you hadn’t clocked that) gets a thumbs-up from me as a great designer inspired shoe that’s not hiding its influences but isn’t relying too heavily on copycat tactics either . The vivid colour palate and exposed platform is very Kirkwood , but the straps bring a more relaxed tone to the shoes that would make them very wearable . £85 at Aldo (or £655 for the Nicholas Kirkwood pair in black , brown)



Cross-front Platform Pumps

Do you like the lighter heeled numbers on the left , or the contrasting dark and light option on the right ? There’s still a difference of $50 between them (originally there was over $100) . Which ones do you love the most ? And can you guess which are the cheapies ?



Patent Wedge MJ’s

showed just how easy it is to be fooled by a bit of colour , with 4 out of ten choosing the left shoe (actually from Steve Madden) as the pricey option , when it was in fact the right shoe that was the Stuart Weitzman offering .

What amazed me is that they’re almost identical apart from the fact that one pair costs well over $500 and the other only $30 !



Marc by Marc Jacobs vs Aldo

It is interesting to see an original style turn instantly generic in its high street incarnation . One of these styles is a Marc Jacobs original costing £450 , the other is a strangely familiar £70 shoe from Aldo . Looking these two pairs so close together does help you to appreciate the extra work that goes into the designer style , and it’s reassuring for those who fork out the extra cash to see how strongly the quality shows through . But if you think this is a style for one season only ,  it’s good to know you can capture it at a fraction of the cost .



Topshop vs YSL : The ‘Lou Lou’ braided wedge and the cheaper alternative

It is interesting to see that even a year after the Yves Saint Laurent ‘Lou Lou’ platform wedge hit the shelves , Topshop is still happy to use it as inspiration for an affordable alternative. In this season’s yellow , the strappy cross-front high wedge is yours for £60 ,  a far cry from the hundreds you would have paid for the designer originals .



Faith takes on Christian Louboutin

You don’t want fakes knocked-up in a sweatshop , but you’re equally reluctant to remortgage your house to pay for the real deal . What can you do ? Why , show your appreciation by buying an obviously Loubintin-inspired pair of shoes on the high street for a fraction of the price , of course . And that’s where brands like Faith come up trumps .

Their pewter ‘LeCloud’ peep toe slingbacks will never quite rival Louboutin’s iconic, metallic peep toes , but I’ve got to give them 7 out of 10 for effort . Yours for £65 at Debenhams .



Aldo take on Givenchy

Aldo’s ‘homage’ (right) has some superficial design variations (i.e. more straps) than the original , but is as close to the look as you can get without being a straight copy . The shoes fit snugly and comfortably and have a pleasing ‘weight’ to them . So if you can’t afford Givenchy , this would be my tip for an on-trend alternative . Guerette at Aldo : £90 .



Nicholas Kirkwood vs. Dotty P

I think the high street homage is a good buy for £40 . It’s been made in a blue that’s a lot more ‘trendy’ than the shade of the original , with quite a differently fashioned butterfly motif but one that that leaves us in no doubt what it’s referencing . Most importantly of all , the exposed platform is close enough to clinch the stytle . Nice work ! £40 at Dorothy Perkins .


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