Computer Application Laboratory Class

Posted on: March 7, 2011

On Thursday , 3 March 2011 , we went to computer application laboratory class for the third time . As usual , we also meet CI Witati , Ko Christopher and Ko Herman . Ko Christopher first taught us how to change our username in our microsoft outlook account . After that , he also told us that we can change our profile picture so that our friends can recognize us . Ko Christopher also taught us how to fill our information data in microsoft outlook like gender , birth date , address , phone number , mobile phone number , favorite quotations , and any other . We can also upload our photos to it so that many people can see that photos . After explain it all , Ko Christopher instructed us to do some make over to our microsoft outlook personally . So , me and my friends changed our microsoft outlook profile information and also our profile picture . We really enjoyed that time . After we done , Ci Witati told us that we gonna start our new lesson about blog . She told us to sign up in . unfortunately , because of the internet connectivity is kinda busy , we can’t made our account in wordpress . So , Ci Witati made it as our homework . And she instructed us too to make 5 post which one of them should be about the computer application laboratory classes . And that’s how our class ended , then we can go to our statictic laboratory class or we can played games first because there’s still 20 minutes for the next class . And here it is , my homework about computer application laboratory class which assigned by Ci Witati .


P.S : je vous remercie beaucoup adrian beau ! 😉


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